Tokoriki Island Resort is proud to be a founding member of the Mamanuca Environment Society (MES). As a founding member of the MES, Tokoriki Island Resort is committed to improving and protecting the local environment through awareness and education. The Mamanuca Environment Society was founded in March 2003 and currently employs a full time Marine Biologist/Project Manager.

The Project Manager collects data, monitors the reef and marine systems in our area, liaises with the local stakeholders and spends a great deal of time educating the school children and adults in the local communities of the Mamanucas in best practice guidelines and ways to improve the sustainability of the surrounding environment.

MES contribute to the community in many different ways, from programs in the Mamanuca schools to clean up campaigns in the local villages. Tokoriki Island Resort supports MES through its founding membership plus Tokoriki's guests are also major contributors to the society. We thank all of our guests who have made donations over the years. All donations assure that  the Mamanuca communities  learn more about, improvement  and sustainability of their valuable ecosystems for years to come.


The giant clam is one of the most fascinating inhabitants of the Fijian Reefs. If allowed to reach full maturity they can grow to the size of a bathtub! Indeed in some of the islands of Fiji the islanders still use the shell of Tridacna Gigas as babies baths. Sadly the reefs and pinnacles surrounding Fiji have been depleted of their stocks of giant clams, a serious cause for concern.                               

Dive Tokoriki and the Ministry of Fisheries  have initiated  “The Tokoriki Island Giant Clam Regeneration Project”. Three species of Clams: Tridacna Giga (Giant), Tridacna Squamosa (Fluted) and Tridacna Derasa (Smooth) have been planted around Tokoriki Island. This is a significant conservation step for Fiji as our Tridacna Gigas and Tridacna Derasa are the first of their species to be re-introduced to Western Fiji – having become extinct in the 1960’s.


Tokoriki Island Resort is proud to be a sponsor of this worthy cause to replace diesel generated power at the Yanuya Village School with solar power. The money saved on fuel is diverted to books, computers and other desperately needed education resources. Guests can also contribute which is a great way to reduce your holiday carbon footprint in assisting to protect the coral, fish and the island people from climate change. For more information on this Foundation working towards ultimately offering reliable power and night study for children please email info@tokoriki.com or http://iitime.org